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Snacking: A Modern Habit or A Cultural Gift?

History of Snackings

Food is the only thing that is loved by everyone. But what if you get hungry after your main meals? Then snacking is the only way to end the growling of your stomach. People often snack twice or thrice a day and it is a very common habit nowadays. But do we know when these people were snacking and what were their favorite snacks at that time. Quite interesting to know the fact that snacking has been a popular practice for many centuries and in every century, these snacks kept on modernizing. Now, in the 21st century, almost 75 percent of people are consuming snacks in between their meals because of their irregular food cravings.

Ancient time and Snacking

In ancient times there were very different snacks that can not even be imagined in this era of time as “snacks”, because they used to eat light food and were very focused on healthy and natural foods. As Romans are known for many things, food was one of them in which they had a number of snacks to satisfy their cravings. In the early 17th and 18th centuries, technology and techniques were not invented, so the people at that time used to eat natural foods like figs, walnuts, almonds, chickpeas, fruits, lentils and many other natural foods. Our minds are set to take these foods as a source of nutrition but at that time people take these foods as their snacks from which they use to cater their cravings. Yes! It sounds funny to this generation but this is the reality. With time people invented new snacks. Some “new inventions” for the people of early centuries which is now common in every house, are:


Popcorn is one of the earliest known snacks, as it was first seen in the 16th century at the time when Mexico was invaded. It is said that it was related to Aztec Indians but it was not much believed. Then in the last 17th and early 18th century, popcorn was loved by European-American families but the process to make it was quite difficult as they first had to dry the corns, boil it and then dry it again to get a better taste. Later on in 1890, Charles Cretors from Chicago invented the first pop-corn popping machine and voila! things got easy. Pop-corn is now a common snack in every flavor you wish.

Victoria Sponge Cake

Cakes, which are usually used in our tea time snacks also carry an interesting history in the snacks world. Cakes are actually the Spanish invention in 1615, “thanks to them” but then these cakes became famous and were mostly baked in England. Victoria Sponge cake is an essential English teatime sweet snack which was innovated at the time of Queen Victoria (1819-1901). The queen had a habit of enjoying her teatime with her friends. One day the queen demanded something new from her baker and in the rush that baker baked a fine sponge cake, grabbed some fresh strawberries and topped it with a delicious mixture of cream. The cake was loved by the Queen and her friends and from that day the cake was named after Queen “Victoria”. Cakes are munched as a perfect snack everywhere, especially when its teatime.

Snacking as a Modern Culture

With time, new machines and technologies were invented and with them, new recipes for tasty snacks also came up - And now in the 21st century we have a variety of snacks of every type. There is no single human left who is away from snacking even if it's the healthy food lover or the careless foodie, everyone enjoys their snacks in their own way. For that many multinational companies came into being for making the best quality snacks and invested a huge amount for technologized machines for more efficient and constant taste of the snack. Companies like Nestle, Lays, Entenmann's Little Bites, Takis Fuego, Thomas, Marinela and many more brands are providing the best quality snacks for every occasion and event. Some famous snacks which are mostly consumed to fulfill the cravings are potato chips, cookies, chocolates, muffins, biscuits, cakes and much more. As people in the old times did not enjoy a variety of snacks which we are privileged to do now. Snacking is a blessing for every snack lover as it helps their stomach in times of need and desire.


Yes, there are many people who are opposed to eating snacks, but they need to be enlightened with the fact that snacking is not that bad, especially if you choose the snacks correctly; but it should be consumed within certain limits because excessive amounts of anything can be injurious to health even if it's a healthy food. High-quality snacks have a countable amount of calories that cannot cause any adverse effects on health. Sweet Snacking for instance, offers only the best quality snacks from the top brands of US, providing everything one needs for munching. Check out the amazing bundles Sweet Snacking has to offer, and fall deeper in love with snacking. Happy Munching!!