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Absurd Facts About Your Favorite Snacks

Ever wondered that there might be something weird about your favorite snack? Or maybe we indulge ourselves so much in these yummy tidbits, that we become oblivious to the fact that these items might have an interesting backstory or weird facts, like the ones you’re about to discover now:


One of the most versatile snacks that people all over the world are obsessed with, seems to have a very interesting, if not weird fact. The OG Oreo has a cookie to cream ratio of 71 percent to 29 percent. Each time and every time, without any discrepancy.


The name Ralston Purina might ring a bell for you. The much loved trail snack mix, Chex Mix was first debuted by Ralston Purina in 1985. Did you figure it out? If so, then yes, it is the very same brand that sells dog food.


The name says it all. The compelling, flavorful triangular chips get their name from the spanish word “Doradito”, which translates to “little bits of gold” - Although they are far from being golden, some people would argue, their taste is totally worth it.


Let's talk about the U.S.A’s favorite one half of an iconic combo. Peanut butter, the nutty snack spread made by Jif. Considering the amount of peanut butter spread consumed by the Americans, it should come as no surprise that more than 5.5billion pounds of peanuts are produced in the States, out of which 10% go into making Jif peanut butter.


The ubiquitous college students favorite is probably the only snack that each nation has its very own version of. It was first introduced during World War II due to a lengthy period of food shortage.


A hero origin story started when a janitor craved some spice and sprinkled chili powder on the classic crunchy cheetos. After running the idea with some executivies, the path was set for Richard Montañe, who is now the executive Vice President at PepsiCo’s North American division.


Which weird facts were ever complete without the mention of some darkly wholesome story. Before passing away, the creator of Pringles had requested his children to preserve some of his cremated remains in the renowned Pringles can. On another note, did you know that the man with the mustache on the can is called Julius?


The opponent to peanut butter, the rich chocolatey hazelnut Nutella was invented by pâtissier, Pietro Ferrero. He mingled hazelnuts in chocolate to overextend his cacao stock as much as possible during WWII. Inventing snacks is probably the only revolutionary thing that came out of the war.


Think of one of the most famous ice cream flavors from Ben & Jerry’s. Cherry Garcia! Ever wondered where the name of your favorite ice cream flavor comes from? Well, it all dates back to 1987, Portland. ME. A couple of fans of the rock band “Grateful Dead”, made a request for a flavor dedicated to the guitarist, Jerry Garcia, hence Cherry Garcia!


You will probably think your whole life is a lie, after reading this. If you think that you have been “tasting the rainbow” -well you’re not. All the reds, greens, oranges, yellows and purples have the exact same taste. The psychological effect of different colors and smells will make you think that you’re tasting the rainbow, when in fact you’re just tasting one thing.

7 UP

Since the reason for this blog is most definitely not to make you second question your snack choices; let's talk about 7UP, the famous lime and lemon flavored fizzy drink when it was invented in 1929, it contained chemical lithium, a chemical element that is a soft, silvery-white alkali metal - Lithium was a key ingredient in the original 7UP recipe; it was also prescribed to people diagnosed with bipolar disorder and depression!


What are Kit Kats made of? The answer is broken pieces of -Kit Kats. As reported in a BBC documentary on Kit Kats, a factory worker explained that all the broken Kit Kats go into rework, as fillings for the wafer. Confirmed by Nestle; Kit Kits are made from cocoa liquor, sugar and the discarded pieces of Kit Kats.

There are tons of more weird and bizarre facts about your favorite sweet snacks that you might have no clue about, when munching on them. Did you know any of these bizzare facts about your favorite snacks? Next time you see a friend getting ready to start a snacking session with Oreos, some Pringles, or even a can of 7UP - you can share these weird, but fun facts with them.