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The Best Snacks From Around The World Delivered To Your Door Monthly

The love for snacks is a never-ending urge that compels a person to get their favorite snacks, no matter from which part of the world that specific snack is available.

Thanks to the world wide web through which you can get snacks from around the world delivered to your door monthly, weekly, or whenever you crave.

Snack lovers are so crazy about these snacks that they particularly order snacks from around the world just to fulfill their cravings. We all understand that munching on snacks is an essential part of our daily routine, and that if we miss our snack time, life starts to feel incomplete as if the main essence is away from our taste buds.

Only a snack lover can understand the depth of delicious, mouth-watering soft, and moist snacks - And to cater this need, many snack-delivering companies have started to offer monthly snacks subscriptions that allows you to have snacks from around the world delivered to your door-step monthly, or however frequently you wish to have them.

These are the international snack boxes in which you will find your favorite snacks you ordered.

Sweet Snacking, your favourite snacks bundle provider is bringing the same snack bundles for you that can be availed monthly, weekly, or at any specific occasion or event - Sweet Snacking offers to deliver the best snack bundles to your doorsteps!

Talking about the quality of these snacks, Sweet Snacking never breaks its rules or compromises on snack quality, and that's why we have selected one of the high-quality snacks in every bundle we provide.

There are reasons for maintaining the quality of snacks and those reasons are that we love and value our customers, along with keeping health and hygiene in consideration - we especially chosen the most popular and quality snack partners who give their absolute best while making or baking these sweet and salty snacks.

Here’s a list of snack bundles delivered by Sweet Snacking:

Bite Size Snack Collection

This international snack box is from a well-known and delicious snack-manufacturing company named “Entenmanns”. From 1999 till now, we never heard of any quality flaws in these Little Bite Snacks, and this is the reason why Sweet Snacking has added these amazing little bites products to their international snack box.

Let's take you inside this tasty bundle and you will find each product insanely delicious if you are a sweet tooth because this bundle includes soft little party cake cookies, party cake muffins, soft baked chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip muffins, and most loved blueberry muffins with a real taste of blueberry.

Isn't this bundle so appealing to make your snack subscription box?
Of course it is.. because firstly Entenmanns products are just perfect, and secondly Sweet snacking has bundled the perfect combination of the best snacks.

Movie Night Sweet & Salty Snack Bundle

Movie nights can never get old no matter which generation or time we are living in. Movie nights with friends and family are loved and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and it seems so incomplete without snacks.

Sweet Snacking has a tasty solution for you because we are providing a perfect movie night bundle to you in which you will find sweets for the cute moments in the movie and spicy snacks will surely enhance the experience of suspense and thriller scenes.

In this snack box, you will find Entenmann’s little bites products but we will not disclose the product as it will be a surprise for you when you will open the bundle. Moving to the spicy snacks and Sweet Snacking took care of you by adding Takis Fuegos hot chips and nuts to spice your night.

These are the best snacks from around the world that Sweet Snacking is delivering to your doorsteps.

Sweet Tooth

It’s dessert time from one and only Sweet Snacking!

For all the sweetaholics, who cannot stop themselves from eating sweets any time of the day or even night because the craving is just unstoppable, so Sweet Snacking has specially made this bundle for all the sweet lovers.

With Marinela as our snack partner, we have selected some heavenly sweet snacks, because Marinela is full of creamy and chocolaty snacks. We know how your mouth has filled with water by just imagining those snacks in one box.

Get this snack subscription box and see what's inside it because we wanna leave it as a surprise for all the sweet tooths.

Coffee Pairing Variety Pack

Coffee and winters?

What an amazing combination, and the addition of some scrumptious snacks will make it much more enjoyable.

Sweet Snacking understands the love for coffee and tasty snacks that's why we have picked snacks that match your winter's coffee.

Entenmanns is one of our trustworthy snack partners through which we make a snack subscription box in which you will find Entenmann’s glazed honey buns, banana muffins, and cheese danish which will add more flavors to your coffee time.

Some people like to keep it plain for Thomas Mini plain croissants will work with it because it is moister when you'll have it with some strong winter’s coffee.
International snack boxes are loved by everyone and that is why Sweet Snacking has snacks from around the world.

Get your Coffee snack bundle now!

Bite Variety Pack

For all the diet-conscious people who control their snack cravings just to stay healthy and fit, but Sweet Snacking makes sure to take care of every fitness freak too!

This Bite variety pack has all the rule breaker snacks which have zero calories and are gluten-free which means all fitness freaks can have snacks without having a second thought.

To all the diet-conscious people, order this snack bundle now and enjoy your snack time with Sweet Snacking.


Sweet Snacking delivers snacks from around the world right to your doorstep, just to make your snack family happy and healthy.

We never disappoint in quality and our fast delivery service - To experience the best snacking, order your favorite snack bundle now from Sweet Snacking!