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Sweet Snacking’s Exclusive: 5 Best Snacks For Kindergartners

While snacks are popular among consumers of all ages, but an age group that is infamous as being massive snack lovers are the kindergartners. We all are aware of how quickly the snacks for kindergartners keep on changing, they would really like one snack today but will soon get bored of it the next day they would want another one, so you need to have packs and bundles of different snacks for kids so that they can get a variety of tastes and flavors that keeps them happy and playful.

Being a parent of a kindergartener, you need to constantly choose some good kindergarten snacks so that your kid can enjoy their snack time, but it is also important to have control over their snacks consumption and its timings, when you have a little kid between 4-6 years.

This age group is specifically identified because at this age your kid will have diverse snack needs, after all it's a growing age and kids spend most of their time in schools, so for that you must have the best kindergarten snack ideas to keep their dietary needs maintained.

We usually hear that snacks are not good for kids - while this still may be debatable, you can fulfill your kid’s desires with the best snacks for kids, which offers safe snacking with high-quality snacks such as Entenmann's Little Bites, Marinela, and other known snacks manufacturers.

Smart Snacking Tips For School Snacks For Kids

In order to establish smart snacking habits in your kids, you will need to guide them into developing smart snacking habits, since they do not have the self-control nor the awareness to do so.

Listed below are the three effective tips to manage kids' snacks timing while they attend their kindergarten routine:

1. Portion Control

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, your 4-year-old kindergarten kid will eat half of the portion as compared to a 7 years old kid, which means here you need to make a portion control diet plan for your kids. For healthy snacks for kids at school, if you are packing fruits and veggies in your kid’s lunch boxes, then adding a portion of some chocolate chip cookies or other filling snacks will make a perfect meal for them; and this is how you can portion control for your kindergarten kids' snacks.

2. Timing

While your kindergartener requires portion controlled snacks, similarly giving them snacks at the appropriate time is equally important. Your kids are growing by the minute and so is their stomach, so it's better to give them some kid-friendly snacks, but on time.

It is much better for your little ones to munch throughout the day at regular predictable intervals that are timed appropriately, instead of consuming snacks randomly, intercepting their meal times.

3. Choice

A Pediatrics clinic suggested that placing your kid’s favorite snacks in front of them and giving them the right to select snacks for themselves will also help in developing the ability to make wise and self-reliant decisions; although they would need guidance innitially.

You can have kid-height cabinets installed in the kitchen or short drawers in the fridge, to fill them with school snacks for kids so that before going to kindergarten, they can select their snacks on their own.

Kindergarten Snacks Ideas For Kids

Choosing the right snacks for kindergartners is an issue most parents face while packing snacks for kids, as it is one of the hardest parts of parenting, especially when you are not sure about your kid’s choices. When it's time to prepare snacks for the kindergarten classroom you need to be very careful while adding those snacks in their lunch boxes.

There are no kindergartners who do not like tasty, chocolatey, fudgy, and creamy snacks that would not only control their need for fats and fiber; but as a parent if you will select high-quality snacks for your kids, you will also be relieved from hygiene’s end.

Here is the list of 5 best snacks for kindergartners that Sweet Snacking delivers:

1) Entenmann’s Mini Apple Pies

You can list Entenmann's Mini Apple Pies as one of the best kindergarten snacks as these little-sized pies are filled with real apple filling, with a mixture of soft yet crispy flaky crust. Entenmann’s is a quality snacking brand known for its fresh and tasty little bite snacks, and we assure you that when your kids see these apple pies in their lunch boxes, it will excite them!

2) Thomas Mini Plain Croissants

Mini-snacks are always for your little kiddos, as these bite-sized snacks are made for their little mouths and it is one of the cutest feelings when you see your kid enjoying their favorite snacks. Thomas Mini Croissants are one of those kids’ snacks that they will never want to miss. You can spread butter or marmalade on these little croissants to make them more delightful for your children’s snacks.

3) Marinela Gansito Strawberry and Crème Filled Snack Cakes with Chocolate Coating

Who doesn't like the combination of strawberry and chocolate in a soft and creamy cake?

We assure you Marinela Gansito Strawberry and Crème Filled Snack Cakes with Chocolate Coating will instantly become one of your kid’s favorite snack and they will wish to see this snack daily in their lunch boxes. Grab this school snack for kids from the one and only Sweet Snacking, as we deliver your favorite snacks to your doorsteps.

4) Entenmann’s Little Bites Chocolate Chip Cookies

A real chocolaty taste will make your kid’s day at kindergarten the happiest and most exciting, as these Entenmann Little Bite Chocolate Chip Cookies will give them the exact vibe you want to see every day in your kid. Pack these little bite chocolate chip cookies and you will see their reaction after school as they will be rolling and running towards you so happy and snack-satisfied.

Entenmann’s is actually known for its high-quality, individually packed, and hygienic products they make for kids and that's why most parents trusts these as kid-friendly snacks.

5) Entenmann’s Banana Muffins

A snack with 0g trans-fat, no artificial color, and no high fructose corn syrup is something that can also be one of the best kindergarten snacks for your kids and because of Sweet Snacking, you can give this good kindergarten snack in your kid’s lunch box. Entenmann’s banana muffins have the same qualities as it is made up of real bananas that keeps most parents at ease while selecting snacks for their kids. Pack this snack for your kid’s lunch and give them the happiness they deserve.


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