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13 Best Snacks For Kids' Birthday Parties That You Have Never Heard About

Food and snacks have always been a part of every celebration and it is the only thing that makes our parties and occasions lively and cheerful.

We celebrate events and our special occasions with our loved ones and our utmost efforts are to keep everyone happy and jovial throughout, by serving the best.

Likewise, a perfect birthday party is a combination of gathering with friends and family, lovely gifts, social interaction - And mainly, experiencing delicious and diverse range of foods and snacks.

A kid’s birthday party is not always focused on gifts, fun, and games - the best snacks for a birthday party is one of the most anticipated parts, playing an important role in making it more entertaining.

Your kid’s birthday is always a special day for you and to make it a perfect day for them you arrange everything they love and we all know what our kids love the most. Some frolicking games and a lot of tasty and best birthday snacks.

After all, the laughter and running here and there surely makes them tired and hungry - After this playful fun time, they look forward to cold, favorable drinks with tasteful and appetizing birthday snacks.

The good news is that Sweet Snacking has a variety of snack bundles that you can serve at your kids' birthday party and we ensure you’d fall in love with them all.

13 Best Snacks For Kids' Birthday Parties

Here are the 13 best snacks for kids' birthday parties, so they can have a whale of a time:

1. Thomas’ Mini Plain Croissants

 A convenient mini-sized croissant is always a go-to snack, and specially the croissants from Thomas’ are superior, being so soft and mess-free that your kids and their friends will love having these mini croissants.

What if we tell you something better about these mini croissants?

You can also make mini sandwiches by filling the croissant with chicken spread, veggies, and shredded cheese. And it's a guarantee that these mini croissant sandwiches will be the best birthday snack at your kid's party.

 2. Entenmann’s Glazed Honey Bun

A honey bun for your little ones!

Serving glazed honey buns at your kids' party to express the sweetness of your love, as your kid is a honey bun you can call your own. Cute isn't it? So are the Honey Buns!

Sweet Snacking knows what your kids love - Entenmann’s Glazed Honey Bun that can be the best birthday snack at your kids' party.

Let us share with you a secret tip, that will make these buns even more delicious. Fill the honey bun with Nutella, and get ready to taste heaven!

3. Takis Fuego Rolled Tortilla Chips

Tortilla chips are equally loved by kids as well as adults!

Takis Fuego Rolled Tortilla Chips will spice up your kids' party with its sensational flavors. These amazing rolled tortilla chips will energize the kids, and then it will be an ideal time to play musical chairs as the kids will be already rocking and rolling. You can order these tortilla chips along with the Sweet and Spicy Snack Box from Sweet Snacking.

 4. Fruit Pizza

We know you must be looking for a healthy option to be added on the birthday snacks menu.

A healthy option could be Fruit Pizza - As we know all kids love pizzas, so what if we make these pizzas healthier and tastier for them?

You just need to have fresh seasonal fruits and cut them into cute little shapes, place them on the pizza dough, and garnish the pizza with some whipped cream. And voila!! Healthy snacks for toddler’s birthday party!

5. Corn

Corn - An all-time favorite snack to munch at any time of the day! Kids, toddlers, teenagers, or even adults - everyone finds these simple yet flavorful corn yummy.

You can make these corns much more flavorsome by adding a range of different flavors with a half teaspoon of butter. And Voila! The best snack for birthday party is ready. 

6. Marinela Choco Roles Pineapple and Crème Filled Snack Cakes with Chocolate Coating

Pineapple cakes are simply delicious and if these cakes are rolled in cream with a coating of chocolate, it doubles the taste of pineapple cake!

Marinela Choco Roles Pineapple and Crème Filled Snack Cakes with Chocolate Coating is enough detail about how delicious this cake will taste and it will be one of the best birthday snacks at your kid’s party.

Avail the bundle offers at Sweet Snacking and make your kids' birthday party more compelling!

7. Veggies with dips

A platter of fresh and nicely cut veggies with different dips of mayo and garlic, cheese dip, honey mustard dip, and many other dips will make the kids so happy that they will surprisingly complete the veggies platter in just a few minutes.

8. Entenmann's Little Bites Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies

Serve the real taste of chocolate at your kids' birthday party by presenting Entenmann's Little Bites Chocolate Chip Muffins. Entenmann never disappoints us with its taste, we trust Entenmann Little Bites Cookies for being the best snack for a birthday party.

A chocolate chip cookie with plenty of chocolate that gives a soft and freshly baked taste makes it totally worth it.

Sweet Snacking offers an assortment of Entenmann's Little Bites products.

9. Entenmann's Little Bites Party Cake Muffins

One of the most moist cake muffins you will ever have, is Entenmann's Little Bites Party Cake Muffins. So soft and delicious that you will feel the celebration in every bite.

It has some rainbow sprinkles on the muffins and we know all kids get attracted towards the colorful sprinkled snacks, so don't wait and have these delicious muffins from Sweet Snacking.

10. Marshmallow

Marshmallows are one of the most common and old-school birthday snacks that we’ve been seeing at all birthday parties, and still remains a part of the menu, as the favorite snack of all time.

You can make a trio of cookies, marshmallows, and chocolate spread - and we assure that the kids will instantly fall in love.

11. Entenmann’s Minis Apple Pies

All kids love apple pies as it reminds them of the nostalgic taste of their grandmother's pies, that they’ve loved to have since forever.

Entenmann’s Minis Apple Pies taste exactly like the amazing pies made by our grandmothers; making it the best birthday snack.

12. Squash

Put the carbonated fizzy sodas aside, and serve “Squash” at your kid's birthday party, which is natural and healthy.

These tasteful fruit drinks will make the kids active - And active kids leads to a very happening birthday party.

 You can make it more interesting by adding colorful straws to it.

13. Rule Breaker Birthday Cake Bites

How can we forget Rule Breaker when it comes to healthy snacks for our kids? Rule breaker provides 100% vegan snacks that delivers complete range of original  flavors, keeping your kid’s stomach safe and sound.

These birthday cake bites from Rule Breaker will keep your kid’s friends’ parents happier and satisfied.

At Sweet Snacking you can have all the delicious and healthy snacks - Delivering the best sweet snacks for birthday parties anywhere and anytime you want!