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Cookie Lover’s Assortment

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Not all cookies are created equal. And the best stuff's inside our cookie lover’s assortment. It's packed with sweet crunchy treats that come with the irresistible fillings, toppings, and flavors your family will love. 

Cookie Lover’s Assortment Includes:

  • (1) Marinela Principe Chocolate Filled Sandwich Cookies, 8 Count Box
  • (1) Marinela Barritas Fresa Strawberry Soft Filled Cookie Bar, 8 Count Box
  • (1) Marinela Barritas Piña Pineapple Soft Filled Cookie Bar, 8 Count Box
  • (1) Marinela Gansito Strawberry and Crème Filled Snack Cookies with Chocolate Coating, 10 Count Box
  • (1) Marinela Canelitas, Embossed Cinnamon Cookies, 8 Count Box
  • (1) Marinela Polvorones, Orange Shortbread Cookies, 8 Count Box
  • (1) Marinela Rocko Strawberry and Marshmallow Filled Snack Cookies with Chocolate Coating, 8 Count Box
  • (1) Marinela Sponch Marshmallow Cookies, 4 Count Box
  • (1) Marinela Caribeñas Coconut Cookies, 8 Count Box
  • (1) Marinela Tartinas Fresa Cookies, Strawberry Filled, 8 Count Box
  • (1) Marinela Canelitas Cinnamon Cookie Tube, 25 Count
  • (1) Marinela Triki-Trakes Chocolate Chip Cookie Tube, 11 Count

Product Details:

Craving the crunch of sweet and flavor-packed cookies? Look no further than the cookie lover’s assortment filled with delicious cookies of all shapes and sizes. Let’s start with Principe - two crisp embossed cookies with a rich chocolate filling sandwiched between them. Treat yourself to Barritas, the sweetened, soft-baked cookie that has either a delicious pineapple (Pina) or strawberry (Fresa) filling. Gansito Filled Cookies are filled with rich crème and sweet strawberry filling, and a decadent chocolate coating. Try Canelitas, the signature sweet cinnamon and sugar cookies embossed with a special lattice design. Polvorones are irresistibly delicious crunchy and crumbly shortbread cookies with an orange zing. Fancy a sandwich? Rocko is two crisp cookies filled with a thick layer of marshmallow and strawberry filling, covered with a decadent chocolate coating. The Sponch crispy cookies, topped with marshmallow, coconut, and a touch of filling, are in a class of their own. Coconut lovers will get a treat with Caribeñas, the sweet, crumbly cookies packed with coconut flavor. You can get fruity with Tartinas, an embossed cookie with a sweet strawberry-flavored filling. And then there are Triki-Trakes - classic crunchy cookies crammed with real chocolate chips. These snack-sized cookie treats are the perfect size for bagged lunches, a midday snack, or treating the table after dinner. And with so many flavors to choose from, everyone will find a favorite. Nutrition Information


Ans: Cookie lover’s bundle offers 10 distinct packs of cookies along with 2 cookie tubes.



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